Friday 2nd December 2022

Speak Now 2 SB with Online Practice


Speak Now 2 SB with Online Practice

Student Book: A speaking component in every activity develops confident and successful speakers Student Book: Integrated video brings language to life and illustrates useful everyday language Student Book: Activities explore ways to target language in real-life settings Online Practice: Allows you to assign extra activities as homework and track your students progress Online Practice: Features over 120 activities including Listening, Grammar and video review activities, and aspeak, record, and submit to teacher function for Pronunciation practice Online Practice: Provides instant access to Student Book video and audio, links to worksheets, audio scripts, tests, and answer keys Online Practice: Optional tools, including the Discussions feature, allow you to give students moreopportunities to practice informal language Online Practice: Features custom tools so you can set up groups of students within a mixed ability class and assign different activities for a personalized learning program Online Practice: Makes reviewing students progress easy with integrated and downloadable tests and a comprehensive online Gradebook

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