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Perspektywy współczesnej frazeologii polskiej

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Skills Booster 3. Pre-Intermediate. Student&s Book

Skills Booster is a four-level series specially written to teach and develop young learners listening, speaking and writing skills. While the series has been designed to be compatible with any course book of a similar level, it may also be used on its own.The task types presented are closely linked to the Cambridge ESOL examinations from Young Learners English Tests (Starters, Movers, Flyers) at beginner and elementary level to KET and PET at pre-intermediate and intermediate level. A wide variety of tasks which reflect the Cambridge ESOL examinations. Writing tasks and models. Listening tasks which introduce the theme of the unit and new lexical items. Speaking tasks with guided dialogues, personal questions, practice in functional language and vocabulary expansion. A pronunciation task to practise sounds which learners often find difficult. Listening tapescripts and answer keys.

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