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Pankratek podpowiada, ile czegoś przypada. Dzienniki i ułamki w klasach 4-6


Skills for Study 1 (B1-B2) Students Book with Downloadable Audio

Skills and Language for Study is a three-level course (B1+ to C1) in academic skills and language aimed at students preparing for university-level studies in English. Academic skills and language are both introduced and explored through lectures and authentic academic texts in two complementary books per level. The core Skills for Study book focuses on the academic skills required to function effectively in a university environment whereas Language for Study explores the academic language needed to practise those skills. Skills for Study Level 1 (B1+ to B2) provides students with skills such as understanding lectures, analysis of texts, selecting the best sources from libraries, referencing and structuring presentations. Complete course audio material is downloadable from 9781107635449EAN: 9781107635449Wydawnictwo: Cambridge University PressAutorzy: Craig Fletcher, Blair MatthewRok wydania: 2012Ilość stron: 192Oprawa: miękkaFormat: 19.0×26.0 cm

chlopak, filary ziemii, calm strong, klapki męskie tommy hilfiger, rok 1984 ebook


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