Friday 2nd December 2022

Motivate 1. Podręcznik + CD Audio


The Mind Map Level 3 Lower-intermediate

This award-winning graded readers series is full of original fiction, adapted fiction and factbooks especially written for teenagers. Lucho and Eva are paired together for a History project. The first stage is to draw a Mind Map of all their ideas. But Luchos mind map has a mind of its own and starts to grow. The map leads Lucho and Eva on an adventure involving the ancient theft of gold in a lost city in the Colombian jungle. This paperback is in British English. Download the complete audio recording of this title and additional classroom resources at Cambridge Experience Readers get teenagers hooked on reading.

machiną przez chiny, beksiński grafika, rywalki tom 1, 1500 puzzle, lalka metamorfoza, vopel, trening aerobowy


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