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This second edition of Writing takes into account feedback from teachers worldwide. The first edition won the English Speaking Unions Duke of Edinburgh award and has been described by teachers and reviewers as brilliant and innovative.- many new activities and texts- helps students to develop clear, effective writing in English- provides opportunities to practise various forms and functions of writing, and to develop a range of skills- shows how to give students writing a communicative purpose- involves students in collaborative writing, reviewing their work, revising it, and editing the final draft.This popular series edited by Alan Maley has a new-look and lease of life for 2004.The series gives teachers and teacher trainers practical guidance on key aspects of language teaching. Each book includes an introduction, which presents important current issues, followed by up to 100 lesson ideas, classroom materials and photocopiable activities. Activities are clearly presented, and offer teachers all the information they need about appropriate level, time, preparation, classroom management, monitoring, variations and follow-up activities.”We have learned that anything with the Maley name attached is worthy of consideration. These books are no exception.” Times Educational Supplement

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