Wednesday 4th October 2023

MiniBingo! Język angielski. Podręcznik płytą CD-ROM


English File third edition: Upper-intermediate: Class Audio CDs

This set of 5 Class Audio CDs contains all the audio material for the listening activities in the English File Third Edition Upper-Intermediate Students Book.Motivating listening texts and tasks provide the right level of challenge for students at this level. The listening material exposes students to a wide variety of language, speed of speech and British and American accents, as well as some non-native speakers of English. Colloquial English lessons give students practice in listening to authentic speech.Ciężar: 0,192 Format: 14.0×12.0cm Języki: angielski Oprawa: Pudełko CD Rok wydania: 2016 Typ publikacji: CD Wydawca: Oxford University Press

trojaki obiadowe, wróbelek z kości, gdyby miało nie być jutra książka, babochka, ostrze philips one blade


Język angielski