Friday 9th June 2023

Język angielski. Na wyspach – Opracowanie zbiorowe


Outcomes Intermediate – Podręcznik + Vocabulary Builde + Pin Code MyOutcomes

Outcomes is a completely new general English course in which: • Natural, real-world grammar and vocabulary help students to succeed in social, professional, and academic settings • CEF goals are the focus of communication activities where students learn and practice the language they need to have conversations in English • Clear outcomes in every lesson of every unit provide students with a sense of achievement as they progress through the course • Grammar reference section with activities for all grammar points covered • Eight two-page Writing lessons which cover social, academic and professional writing needs • Four four-page Reviews to revise language and skills, and explore learner training • Developing Conversations to get students to put language into practice in real life situations • Language Patterns which train students to notice common patterns in language, and to use them correctly • Native English Speaker sections to develop students ability to express themselves naturally and clearly • Vocabulary Builder booklet to bring together key vocabulary, collocations, and expressions and provide extra practice • MyOutcomes – online practice for grammar, vocabulary and skills.

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Język angielski